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Ludo Money-Understanding the Rules and Starting the Game

Ludo Money-Understanding the Rules and Starting the Game

  • November 22, 2018
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Ludo is a square-shaped board game which has bases of 4 different colors in each corner i.e. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

The very first colored box outside each base is called the beginning position. The board consists of a pathway that leads in a clockwise manner and makes way for the token to come back to the home column.

Basic Ludo Rules

To begin playing ludo, it is important to understand ludo money game rules properly:

  1. The game begins with each player rolling the dice. A player who gets number “6” on the dice gets to proceed first.
  2. Each player gets alternate turns in a clockwise order.
  3. If any player does not roll number 6 on the dice, the next player gets the turn. This keeps repeating until the person actually gets 6.
  4. There are some safe zone positions on the Ludo board; generally, in the shape of a star. If a token lands on the safe zone, it remains unaffected even if the token of other colors lands on it.
  5. After having one or more token in play, a player has an option to select a token and move it forward.
  6. In case a token lands on a token of another player, that particular token is jumped upon the starting area.
  7. Every player aims to move all four of his/her tokens in a clockwise order and ultimately take it to the home column.

Rule of 6’s to Remember

Rule of 6's to Remeber

What makes Ludo Money different from other Online Ludo Games?

The above steps are exactly the same as any other ludo board game. But Ludo Money is an online ludo game wherein people can compete against each other for coins.

  • There are 2 kinds of tables – a table of 50 and a table of 100.
  • A player can select a table of his choice.
  • To play a single match, the player needs at least 50 coins.
  • If a player ends up winning in the table of 50 games, he/she receives 40 coins as a reward whereas the player who loses the game loses 50 coins.
  • Also, if a player wins in the table of 100 games, he/she receives 80 coins as a reward whereas the player who loses the game loses 100 coins.
  • Another delightful feature of Ludo Money is, a player can redeem his/her coins into his paytm account.
  • Each player needs to have a minimum of 100 coins in order to redeem them.
  • Ludo Money offers Real Money League that begins every night from 9 pm to 12 am. In this league, users can play with a random online real player and stand a chance to win real money.
  • Users may also invite their friends via “share code” and play with them anytime.


If one token of a player reaches the home column of its own color, the token continues moving towards the center of the home area.

As soon as a token reaches the home area, it completes its journey.

The player who is able to move all 4 of his tokens into the home area before other players,  wins the match. The game ends as soon as the winner is determined.

Ludo Money offers amazing user-experience as well as customer service. Download it on your phone or play it via the official website and join the Ludo Madness Now!

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